Quarantine weekend ideas

For most of us, this will be the start of our 4thweek of shelter-in-place or social distancing due to COVID-19. This is first that our world is experiencing a pandemic since the Spanish Flu and it’s downright scary. Every time I turn on the news, the number of cases keep rising and makeshift hospitals are being constructed to tackle this unknown entity that keeps morphing. I know this can be draining mentally so I figured I would share three activities that I’ve love doing while social distancing.

Activity 1:  A backyard Picnic.

If you have a backyard, feel free to have an outdoor picnic with snacks that you have in your fridge/pantry. Fill your blanket with your favor nibbles and just breathe. I did this with my partner and afterwards I felt refreshed. We spoke about our fears, created new plan for when quarantine is over and accepted the things that we cannot change now. It was a therapy session that allowed me to start new and readjust how I was approaching our time in.

Activity 2:Create a Tiktok account.

Yes, this one is cliché. I, too, was resistant to this movement since I’m not the greatest dancer but I find that learning, creating and editing these videos are a great bonding tool. It’s so much fun watching yourself and others add their own style and interpretation to songs. There are some really creative users on the platform and you can search for anything and trust me there will be a video for it. Tiktok also has informative content from covid-19 updates to business tip so I know you will find “your “community on there.

Say hi to me @journeyswithcandi

Activity 3: Facetime, Whatsapp Video, Skype, Zoom conference

Create a chat and see when your friends are available and have your “girls’ night out” on Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp Video or Skype. Get dressed in a cute but comfy top, make a cocktail, gather some finger food and have a party on zoom conference. Trust me, the conversation will flow like normal. If you want to add an additional element to this, you can even do a karokee night with your friends from the comfort of your living room. Have everyone open youtube on their computer or tablet when it’s their turn and type in the song + karokee and sing away. You will be cracking up from all the shenanigans you and your group will come up with. Have fun with it, let your hair down and try not to take it too seriously because we are all in it together. This is your hour or 2 to use the technology that we have to feel connected with each other.


A special thank you to all the essential workers who are keeping the country going. An enormous hug and thank you for all that you do.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset
Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

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